Will the tight ladies pants be in vogue in the autumn-winter season?

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Over the years, the models tight pants and jeans, also known as skinny jeans, are sometimes out of fashion and sometimes the most popular trend.

If you are an avid fan of the narrow women’s trousers and jeans and you have not one pair of them in your wardrobe, we have good news for you – this season the pants that fit tight around the body will be again modern.

Maybe some of you remember the first occurrence of this type of pants in the 80s of last century. Then thanks to the metal performers were popularized the tight jeans and spandex leggings (more known as leggings with lycra). Tight jeans were a symbol of the rebels and the different. In the 90’s under the influence of the rap culture the tight pants were replaced by wider and baggy pants. In 2005, the skinny jeans came back. And in recent years the trend was back again and in the men’s fashion. The story of the pants gives us an example of how fashion trends are not always dictated by designers and are often subordinate to different subcultures and currents.

Among women, the tight pants and jeans are most often worn with boots, high heels or ballerina slippers and easily can be combined in different styles. And if you have a slender figure, the skinny jeans are one of the solutions to achieve a sexy look. Therefore, we suspect that even if the tight pants disembark from the catwalks, we will not stop seeing them in the streets.

As we already mentioned the good news is that the tight women’s trousers and jeans will be among the fashion trends this season. It turns out that fashion designers are also sympathetic, as the large percentage of the women all over the world.

Moreover with their new collections autumn-winter, the designers will offer many new ideas on how to wear and combine the narrow ladies pants with other clothing. Here are some of these fashion ideas:

Tight leather pants continue to be preferred by many fashion designers and for their upcoming collections. For example, Philip Lim offers a combination of tight leather pants with elegant black coat.

Other interesting suggestions from DNKY are tight pants and jeans combined with knitted sweater and high heels.

The next proposal is a combination of skinny jeans and rockers leather jacket.

Tight women’s trousers can be combined with a stylish shirt and coat for an elegant look.

Tight pants and jeans continue to be ever so topical, and it seems that fashion designers like them and rely on them in their new lines. Many of the major fashion companies such as Moschino, Jason Wu and Kenzo showed on the catwalks stylish combinations and great ideas, how to be worn the tight pants.

It is expected in the autumn-winter season, the models tight pants and jeans to become an integral part of the wardrobe of any woman, who wants to be elegant and refined.


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