Which skirt is most suitable for your figure?


Last summer short pants were a hit, but this year skirts will help to reveal the beauty of your legs. The stores offer a variety of styles and patterns, but we will help you find the ones that best suit your figure.

Pear – shaped

Give a chance to the asymmetric skirts and especially those shorter in the front and longer at the back. They will make your waist and hips look smaller. Choose a sheer fabric in pastel colors, top with a vest and complete the vision with leather platform sandals with high heels.

Thin and tall


You can choose a veil skirt with thick stripes. This will add femininity to your figure thanks to the additional volume and curves. Tight top will be appropriate for the upper part of your body. In order to keep your vision informal, put on low and comfortable sandals.

Curved physique

Buy a neon tight skirt, it will show the beauty of your curves and will cover the imperfections of your thighs. To look perfect put on a deep neckline top and neutral stretch pants.


Plus size

Invest in a pencil skirt in a bright color. This model is appropriate because it fits the waist and thighs and optically makes the body look smaller. For top choose a shirt or a t-shirt in a contrast color. Put on colorful open-toed shoes.


Try a peplum skirt (straight skirt with decorative frill attached to the waist), the frill will cover the belly and the way it falls down will create an image of a nice waist. Combine with a black top and black sandals with narrow straps.


Short skirt with a wide voluminous belt is best suited for you. It will highlight your waist and add volume. The volume should not bother you because you wear a small size. Choose a skirt with patterns and complete it with a colorful top, making sure the colors and patterns match. Complete the vision with sandals in a neutral color with golden motives.


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