Which is your lucky color

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According to the astrologists each of the zodiac signs has a color that brings luck to them. With it, they feel more comfortable, achieve success and attract happiness and love to themselves.


It is not necessary to be dressed from top to bottom only in this color, but you can use it as an accent – a handbag or shoes, whenever you are feeling insecure or worried.

See which your lucky color is according to your zodiac sign:



Your color is red. You are an active, energetic, impulsive and passionate personality. This color fills you up with energy.



The green color brings you luck. It gives you calmness and more confidence. Wear green clothes more often.



You are beaming and open, you have a sharp mind and a warm heart. To maintain the good style, bet on yellow, but do not overdo with it in the clothing. You can use it only as an accent, sufficient to charge you with a good mood.



Your color is green, as it gives you stability and security. But apart from it you can also wear clothes in the dark gray scale that will make you look serious just as you actually are.



This fire sign is most lucky with the orange color. The orange is associated with fire, warmth and vitality. It is important to hit the exact shade that matches your tan.



The brown color suits the Virgo best. The representatives of this sign love nature and the home coziness. They are caring and compassionate, so their color is the color of the earth that exudes tranquility. You can wear clothes as in the darker as well as in the softer and lighter brown and beige hues.



The energetic Libras must bet on the pink – purple range, from which they will be charged with lots of positive energy. But they can also rely on the blue color that is associated with harmony, peace and understanding.



The Scorpios are strong, confident and strong personalities. The dark red color can best demonstrate these qualities. With it they will not only look amazing, but it will also always bring them luck.



Sagittarians are spiritual, wise and intuitive people. Their color is indigo and they necessarily have to wear it when they go to business meetings.



Most suitable for you are the brown or black colors. You cherish the traditions, have clear goals in life and achieve everything with hard work and perseverance. You will look stunning in black and brown clothes, but also in golden and beige.



The blue color highlights qualities such as faith, freedom, search for truth, change and adventure. This is definitely your color, which will highlight your personality and you can safely combine it with white, black and light gray.



Your lucky color is violet. It emphasizes intuition, passion for music and art, perfection, sophistication and inspiration. Although this color is not appropriate for everyone, you can find the exact shade that will make you stand out.



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