What to take into consideration when choosing a dress?

Image: © Alex Shadrin / Fotolia

Regardless of whether she admits it or not every woman wants to look stylish and glamorous. This to a great extend depends on the clothes and accessories she selects when choosing her outfit.

No doubt the dresses amongst the most effective and feminine clothes. So this is why the choice of dress is extremely important and should be done precisely. Here we will note three main rules with which to comply when choosing a dress.

First of all when choosing a dress we have to take into consideration the model according to the peculiarities of our figure. Tight dresses are very appropriate for slender women. Ladies with heavier bodies should choose models with voluminous and flair skirts. At the same time long dresses are appropriate for taller women, shorter women should wear miniskirts or knee-length options.

The general rule is that in fashion, similar to many other fields, imperfections are covered, values are shown. That is why if you have big breasts choose an open-neckline dress. If you have a thinner waist, get dressed in a wide skirt, very tight in the waist.

Secondly and very important is the color of the dress. We should choose a color that suits the tan of our skin, the hair and the eyes. So for example, ladies with fair skin should not wear pastel tones, redheads should be careful when choosing clothes in pink or purple. The black dress is one of the most preferred ladies wear because it always looks stylishly and elegantly, but sometimes a brighter colors as orange, sunny yellow or scarlet can have a great effect.

Third but not least we should comply our choice with the choice of the accessories. If we like bigger jewelry and original accessories, it’s necessary to choose a simpler dress. In case we don’t wear jewelry, we can compensate with an interesting dress decorated with stylish ornaments.



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