What are the fashion trends for winter

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Some people consider the winter season for an awful period, which kills the ability for fashion interventions, while others love the cold season because they feel most comfortable wearing a new pair of boots and a fashionable coat. Whether you love winter or not you should renew your wardrobe with warm clothes for the next few months. Here are the fashion trends for winter this year.


Bohemian style boots will be in the shops’ windows this season. They could be found in various models with different lengths. Boots to the knee or to the hip are another popular fashion trend for this winter. They are very warm and comfortable and can be worn until the end of spring.

Winter coats

To the disappointment of the ladies who love long coats, fashionable this winter are the short coats of thick and solid fabrics with a professional look. Long coats are out of fashion this season. Leather coats of high quality artificial leather are another excellent choice that perfectly complements the evening dresses, giving a stylish look and are very warm. You should always bear in mind that winter coats are picked up first depending on the climate and then depending on fashion. If you live in a chilly region, better choose a woolen short coat that matches most of the clothes in our closet. Grey and black coats with bright accents can complete nicely any wardrobe.

From the waist down

Stretch pants, tight pants and tights are not only a great way to express yourself, but to keep you warm during the cold winter days. In the stores we can find different types of leggings and tights in different colors and various materials. They can be combined in many ways with winter dresses and outfits. For a more bohemian and tacky look we can use ragged or even torn ones. Shabby tight-fitting pants are very topical in this season’s collections of the designers and the fashion tendencies in the winter nightclubs.

Body shape

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If we do not choose the right clothes, the winter clothing can make us seem heavier, so it is important to select balancing and highlighting wear that benefits our body. If you’re bigger in the upper body, flared skirts will help to balance the bottom. Tall women can afford to wear a long coat, and the shorter better choose shorter coats to make the lower figure look taller and with longer legs. Women with wider hips and thighs and slimmer torso can choose an elegant jacket to balance their body shape.

For weather related emergencies

We have to ensure we have in our wardrobe a good raincoat, rubber boots and umbrella for the rainy or snowy days. This will prevent our fashionable clothes from damage caused by bad weather. Today we can find stylish and fashionable raincoats and rubber boots in almost any store.

How to get warm while looking sexy in the winter

This is something that every woman would like to know whether living in a chilly mountain or in a windy beach town. Here are a few secrets on how to do it:

– Layer dressing

The best way to look stylish in comfortable warm clothing in the winter is to dress in layers. But if our figure is stocky caution must be paid when choosing clothes for this type of wear. It is good to start with long thin clothing, and the final layer to be our fashionable coat. If you are looking for a simple type, you can simply add a leather collar to your regular black coat.

– Nice fabrics

This winter, the tempting to touch fabrics are fashionable and this is the simple rule how to warm up while creating a sexy look. Velvet and cashmere are excellent options for pleasant touching fabrics that never redundant in the closet during the winter months. These materials will help us feel warm, fashionable and sexy.

– Let’s add color

Who said colored clothes are only for summer? Let’s shine among the other ladies in the winter season by adding color to our outfits. Black remains the most stylish and sexy color for winter, but we can combine it with other bold colors to express our own style. If we are dressed entirely in red or purple in winter we will attract attention for sure. We can replace the traditional little black dress with a little red dress, as long as we have a nice coat that warms us at night. Purple is also a trendy color for this winter, so we have to think over the options and get some purple boots or a coat. To complete the type we can add eye-catching fashion accessories like bags, a colorful warm scarf, hat and earrings. We must remember that any fashion apparel is never complete without the addition of the right accessories, whether it is summer or winter.



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