The timeless models which make us look good at any age

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Classical clothes and accessories which never go out of style

Following the latest fashion trends is tempting but also important is to be able to dress in a way suitable for our age. So sometimes it’s worth sticking to classical models. In our wardrobe there should be at least one of those timeless clothes and additions which we can wear at any age.

1. Little black dress

Of course the list should start with it. It’s appropriate for almost every occasion. It’s best to choose a dress which is a little higher than the knee with a simple neckline. We can easily change our style if we change the shoes, bags and accessories we wear with it. If the hands are not the best part of our body it’s not necessary it to be sleeveless. Short sleeves and even half-length are stylish regardless of our age.

2. White buttoned shirt

Every woman should have a few white shirts with collar and buttons in her wardrobe. We can always combine them with pants or a straight skirt – good clothing for a business day. For more informal events it would be nice to have a white short-sleeved shirt or a longer model which to combine with tight jeans and leggings.

3. Aviator sunglasses

Fashion tendencies with sunglasses change every season. To look always chick we should have classical, practical and timeless aviator glasses. They protect the eyes from the sunlight and look good.

4. Cashmere cardigan

Cashmere is soft, luxurious and comfortable. You can’t go wrong with a cashmere vest, no matter what age you are. These cardigans are offered with classic clean design with buttons down the front, but there are tight models, as well as such with zipper or unusual necklines. To be on the safe side we better buy a cardigan that is not too wide but reaches the upper part of the hip.

5. Coat with buttons and a belt

This Audrey Hepburn style never goes out of fashion and looks fantastic on every outfit – from jeans to a straight business skirt. Coats of this model are available in many various colors and shapes but the model appropriate for every age is the classical – two button rows and knee-length.

6. Tunic or short sleeveless dress

This model entered the fashion in the 50s of last century and is still fashionable today. We can be sure that this classical silhouette will be a used garment of our wardrobe for years ahead.

7. Accessories

The leather bag with medium size and simple design is another timeless model. When it comes to the shoes we will never go wrong if we use classical black shoes with not very high heels or the flat “ballerina” type. As for the jewelry – with diamond earrings or a pearl necklace (real or not) we will look attractive at every age.



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