The clothing changes the silhouette

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The clothes can really transform the figure

If we choose loose pants in the knees and slightly widening towards the calves we will create a more proportionate shape – very appropriate for every size. The shoes are also important for extending the figure – thin heels make the silhouette more elegant.

Open or sharp necklines

The sharp neckline makes the figure look more slender. Showing your shoulder blades creates the effect of a slimmer figure.

The accessories are also very important. Choose a longer necklace which will optically extend the figure.

A scarf sliding down, not around your neck creates the same visual illusion.

Single-colored clothes

Single-colored clothing always creates the optical effect for a slimmer figure but stick with the darker colors as black, brown, dark blue, gray or dark violet. Besides looking slimmer your appearance will be very chic.

Surprisingly the white and cream colors are also appropriate – just be careful the fabric not to be sticking too much to the body. If you want to get dressed in a brighter color choose clothes that have a good cut and style having the appropriate structure. White suits with pants look great and create a magnificent visual effect for a slimmer figure as long as the cut is appropriate.

Extended silhouette

Regardless whether you are choosing pants or a skirt, the longer clothes will always extend your figure and will make you look slimmer. If you choose everyday pants or jeans choose the ones with a straight cut. Choosing a model narrowing down the leg will make your waist and hips look wider.

If you do not like colorful clothes know that black is always fashionable. It is good to choose some feminine colorful accessory which to freshen up the outfit.

Corrective underwear
There are great models from quality fabrics which are structured in such a way that to cover one body imperfection or another by shaping your figure. It is true they can be more expensive but besides making the body shape elegant they are more permanent. Do not save your quality underwear for special occasions but wear it every day in order to feel comfortable.

Wear clothes which show your best features
It is doubtful that your body has only imperfections which you should cover. If you have a nice butt, show it with clothing that will underline it. If you have nice breasts – show them with an open neckline.


Most important for the good appearance is to love your body even if you are not in your dream weight and perfect shape – this will contribute for looking better regardless what you are wearing.



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