Mistakes in the dressing style for men

Leather jacket, coat-type The leather jacket, coat-type is a very stylish choice as long as it is combined and selected properly. With this clothing it is important to choose the exact size or one size smaller. That is important because this leather jacket will “embrace” your body shape and it ... Continue Reading →

Men Jackets – style and comfort into one

Men Jackets – individual style   In each wardrobe of the strong sex there are at least a couple of men’s jackets. Another issue is what precisely should they be? However, since its creation, this part of the wardrobe of men has undergone significant changes. Interestingly, the coats and ... Continue Reading →

Six eternal rules

Every man has asked himself the question for the necessity of matching the color of his socks with the rest of the clothing at a certain moment in his life. Here are some important fashion guidelines clearing the rules of fashion. The belt should always match the shoes. It is a good rule simplifying ... Continue Reading →

The hidden meaning of colors in menswear – part 2

GREEN This color is a symbol of life, growth and productivity. Green gives people internal balance and luck. It helps us relax and ease our nervous system. It is proven that patients in rooms with view of green areas recover faster than others. For businessmen the green symbolizes they are ready for ... Continue Reading →

The hidden meaning of colors in menswear- Part 1

The selection and combination of colors in the clothing is among the most important skills for the modern person. It is a sign not only of taste but can assist in achieving specific goals. Due to this reason soldiers for example have camouflage uniforms and illusionists – bright costumes. Key role ... Continue Reading →

How to choose a suit?-Part 1

The suit (and especially the jacket) is this specific garment that will ideally underline your physique and also the appropriately selected suit can cover some flaws of your body – too short or too long legs, plump physique or very masculine shoulders. The right combination of the rest of the details ... Continue Reading →