Stuffed wardrobe syndrome

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Did you know that the typical representative of the female gender has about 100 clothes of which she puts on, believe it or not, only 30?
The rest stay on the hangers for an average of 12 years before the owner decides to throw them away.

Why do women keep clothes in their closets for so long?
There are various reasons:
*The clothing is démodé
*The size no longer fits her
*The owner is tired of this clothing
Despite the logic that women should throw away some old clothes out of the closet after each new purchase, it is a very difficult decision. Therefore, they suddenly start to look like a storeroom, where you simply cannot find anything suitable to wear from the clothes that are “still good.”

Year after year, pile after pile of new clothes

Some women keep their old clothes for years, though they never wear them for different reasons:
* Because they recall the good old days

* Or believe that fashion will one day return

* Some women are hoping that one day they will be able to wear their old clothes.


Men think about sex, women for shopping

Research shows that women think about shopping as often as men – for sex. This is not unusual because they want men to like them, they want to be better than the competition.

* Every 60 seconds, 3 of 4 women fantasize about the purse they saw on the way to work

* Or a new party dress

* Of 778 women aged between 19 and 45 years, 74% admit that they think about shopping every minute.

If you have not started shopping, it might be time to review your wardrobe and get rid of the old junk to make room for the new clothes you dream of …



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