Shimmering fabrics – how and what to combine them with

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During this season, the gold and shimmering fabrics proudly dominate the catwalk. The question is whether they ever came down from there? On New Year’s Eve they leave the confines of haute couture, because every woman wants to look festive and feel special. The shimmering fabrics though may diversify not only a particular special occasion but also your workday. And yet many women have reservations towards the “sparkling” clothing – where and when it is appropriate to wear them and how to combine them with the rest of your wardrobe.

Shimmer as an accent
Every shimmer in the outfit is likely to attract attention but if you use it stylishly it will look good on you. The main thing you should keep in mind is that shiny clothes underline a specific part of the body. For example, a shiny wide belt of a corset is very appropriate if you have thin waistline. This feature of the shiny fabrics can be used to distract attention, for example, from your thick thighs. In this case use a shiny scarf or a blouse which will put a stress on the attention of others not from the neck down but to your face.

This though means that before you start wearing shimmering clothes, you should specify the peculiarities of your body. For the game of shadows, the shiny fabric adds a few kilos even to the slimmest body. So if you cannot afford this glamour, you should give up the shiny dresses and suits. More appropriate is to use separate shiny elements or accessories – for example, silk parts of the coat of other shiny accents on a matt fabric.

Within the reasonable
Within the reasonable we say for casual and not for festive fashion, you have to be simpler. You should take into an account that the shinier an outfit, the less should be seen. For example for a business meeting or a casual walk more appropriate would be a satin shirt under the coat, not the trench coat to be sparkling itself. Too shiny clothes tire the eyes of the person with whom you are meeting and in most cases they start to get nervous and irritated.

Glamorous fabric – simple cut

The main accent in the clothing should be the shiny fabric and the model has to be simple and plain. The too pretentious cut will make the garment even tasteless. The same goes for the rest of the clothes and accessories – they should underline the shiny accent, not to fight it for attention.


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