Pretty and stylish

Rules which to follow

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The good appearance is respect towards ourselves and the others.

As a start never use too much accessories. Do not try to demonstrate to the others how many bracelets, necklaces and rings you have.

If you have chosen large, big and noticeable earrings skip the necklace or vice versa.

Do not overuse the colors. The rule that the woman should have no more than three colors on herself should not be kept 100% but be careful what and how many shades you choose. Do not dress in one color but combine various shades of red or pink for example.

When it comes to the makeup which is an integral part of the vision of every woman, you should be extra careful. The accent should always be either on the eyes or on the lips. You cannot put on black eye shadows and red lipstick at the same time unless the occasion allows it.

The everyday makeup should only underline your beauty. Be careful with the quantity of foundation, powder and blush because they are very noticeable when you put too much. The face looks like cracked and the wrinkles become more visible.

The dress can be called the eternal femininity! You can never go wrong with it. All women look good when they are wearing a nice dress, so wear dresses more often and during all seasons.

Wear shoes that are comfortable. Do not get on very high heels if they are not comfortable and you do not feel stable. The shoes should be the most comfortable part of your clothing if you want to save yourself some trouble.

Do not be afraid to experiment and mix up your appearance with various models of clothing and accessories, which up to this moment were not present in your wardrobe. The felling to see yourself in something new is really refreshening and motivating.



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