Pink is not the favorite color of the ladies anymore

Image: © kichatof / Fotolia

Forget about pink. British women avoid the traditional women’s colors and prefer the strong men’s colors which comply with their fast way of life.

The belief that women like the soft tones and girly pink was examined in a new research, which established that women from the Island don’t like Barbie’s favorite color and prefer to fill their wardrobe with blue clothes.

38% of the British women claimed that blue is their favorite color which significantly beats the black (26%) and red (24%). Strong purple is fourth in place with a little under 24%, green is fifth with 22%.

Yellow and orange which overcome the catwalks in the collections for season summer-spring are not very preferred by the women. 31% stated that yellow is the least preferred color and 21% stated that they do not like the orange.

The most unthought-of color in the bottom of the chart is pink, that is stated to be least favorite of 14% of the women although (or maybe namely because) it is the color most often related with femininity.

The research was carried out by a fashion site which asked 175 000 women to state their least favorite colors. Even though the results as a whole show that most British women are conservative when it comes to colors there are differences in the preferences of women regardless of the color of their hair.

Blondes prefer discrete and serious colors as 40% of them acknowledged they love black clothes followed by gray with 36%. Redheads have determined green to be their favorite color with 64%. They are the only women who placed brown in the category of their favorite colors (40%) while blondes and brunettes avoid this color. The biggest group of women participated in the research, brunettes have chosen the red for their favorite color.

Women become more and more confident and reject the stereotypical roles on the work place and at home so it’s not a surprise they do the same with their wardrobe. The idea that all women should love the pink is old-fashioned. Blue colors gradually rule the catwalk. In the collections of this spring-summer season red and black, usually related to fall and winter are key tones. Blue has an amazing permanent presence, black lays the grounds for a sensitive small wardrobe, says the stylist Natalie Teo.



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