Mistakes in the dressing style for men

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Leather jacket, coat-type
The leather jacket, coat-type is a very stylish choice as long as it is combined and selected properly. With this clothing it is important to choose the exact size or one size smaller. That is important because this leather jacket will “embrace” your body shape and it is crucial for it to fit you right and not be too loose or too tight.


Classical high-waist jeans
The straight and bright high-waist jeans only underline your imperfections, especially combined with a big shirt and sports shoes. Typical clothing for a standard American.

It is good to give up this combination and change it with straight jeans with low waist and dark color in a combination with classical shoes. This combination will add esthetic appearance to your vision.


In no way the tie should be long and with colorful motives or with cartoon characters.

The tie’s length should be to the belt and in two colors the most, in dark shades.


Pants length
The length of the trousers should be such as to hang down right to the ankles because otherwise it will form ugly shapes having nothing in common with esthetics.

It is a myth that the length of the pants should be to the shoe’s heel. Your length should be in such a way as to not form any shapes, the leg should fall freely.


Soft collar
Soft collar is not appropriate for a tie because a tie should be thick over it. Soft collar is worn without a tie so it does nоt wrinkle around it.


To a classical suit may fit only a belt – a classical belt with the same buckle. No metal decorations or designer logos are allowed.


Suit’s size
A suit that does not fit you is ugly and funny. If it is too big you will look like dressed in a baseball t-shirt.

It is very important when you buy a suit to pay special attention to the coat. Keep in mind the length of the sleeves, the width of the shoulders and your waist.

The most important thing when you dress is to make sure all of your clothes to be the exact size. The other is to keep in mind the different styles and to try to match them as good as possible and only if you feel that the combinations are perfectly matching. In all other cases you are not allowed to combine casual and formal styles.



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