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Every lady is competent regarding to the fashion tendencies. Clothing is a sacred word for women because to a great extent it benefits their vision and appearance. Prettier, more fashionable and well selected clothes make us not only feel but look better.

Even the most expensive designer clothing is nothing without being combined with the appropriate accessories. They are the element of the clothing adding individuality to a lady. When choosing accessories she is free and can combine them in every possible way. In two words – only by the accessories we can find out whether a woman really has a taste, style and sense of fashion.
Do you know what the most evident sign of lack of taste in women is? Not wearing accessories of course. So just wear them. It is mandatory. The selection of ladies accessories is endless. They vary from scarfs, bags and belts to sunglasses, clips, hats, long socks, cuffs and whatever you can think of. As I already said – an endless selection. Only your imagination can set some boundaries.

To be fashionable and noticeable it is not enough to just wear some accessories. You have to choose the best ones for your clothing. And to be different every day. You have to learn to select these “spices” to your clothes right. In most cases they are divided into 3 main groups:

Jewelry – appropriate for business clothing, suits and elegant dresses. For the every day wear do not stand any jewelry. The only exceptions are earrings and rings you do not take off but I strongly suggest you start compromising with this as well. If you can take them off while in the bathroom or when you wash the dishes – nothing is in your way when you are casually dressed and go to fitness for example.

For an official dress with deep neckline you can put on a necklace and combine it with a bracelet from the same designer or style. If you prefer gold wear it only with white or black clothing. Its color is very specific and matches only neutral colors.

Handbags are the second accessory. Big leather handbags with a strap, whether patent leather or not, are morally aged but women still seek them. So they are offered. Forget about them. If you are officially dressed you need a small envelope bag. If combined with gloves the effect is great.

In the everyday life use sports handbags. They are modern, they make you look young and not least – they go well with sportswear.

The final accessory combines all other small things as hair clips, sunglasses, hats, belts and others. Here is the place to show your individuality. There are no strict rules. You can experiment as much as you want. If it is summer put on sunglasses with colorful frames, if it is winter put on a red scarf and black gloves on your black coat. Be yourself and express your own style.



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