Ladies’ jackets for the fall

Image: © Andrey Armyagov / Fotolia

The women’s jackets are among the most favorite outer garments of the women. They are lightweight and comfortable and allow nice combinations as with more summer clothes as well as with the winter ones in our wardrobe.

If a few years ago was allowed only a combination of a coat and tight skirt or trousers, it is now very fashionable to combine this this type of garment with casual pants of denim or velvet fabric. The ladies’ jacket is a garment that must be found in every female wardrobe.


The jacket is very modern and appropriate for the autumn season. The weather is variable and we often encounter difficulties in the choice of clothing for the day. If you combine the jacket with a blouse with short sleeves, this will facilitate you in the unexpected rising of the sun.


The ladies’ jacket brings diversity in our style. In the autumn, we still wear open shoes. They are suitable for combination with the outer garment. Designers recommend this autumn to bet on jackets with double-row buttons and high collar. Extremely modern are the coats in “military” style. Of interest are also the jackets that are made in retro style.


In terms of the model of the women’s autumn jacket the designers provide a great choice. The ladies can choose between short and long outer garments. The short jackets are suitable if you want to attract the attention to your waist. A glamourous belt will give you an irresistible look. If you bet on the long jacket, then combine it with jeans or tight leggings. The straight and narrow trousers should also be worn with long coats.


The designers have decided to stop at the darker colors in the manufacture of ladies’ outer garments. This season the gray color is very fashionable. Quite expectedly, it occurs in the models of ladies’ jackets. Among the other colorful suggestions are the pastel colors and the classic black.


The checkered pattern continues to rule in the autumn world of the women’s jackets. The modern coat comes in two versions – with high collar and zipper and a wide collar that wraps around the neck like a scarf. This model jacket offers the possibility for combining with a real scarf. The designers recommend the combination jacket – scarf. If you bet on a coat in a darker color, the scarf should be compulsory bright.


The ladies’ jacket offers a variety of options for combinations with other clothes, shoes and colors. When choosing your coat comply with your body shape. If you have a large waist, choose a jacket with a greater length.


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