How to wear the color of the year


Emerald green combines well with golden and blue. Have you seen the Atonement movie? Almost every lady that has had the pleasure to watch this beautiful but sad movie has remained charmed by the evening dress of Keira Knightly. If you dream to dress like this for some official event, 2013 is the most appropriate year to do so.
Why? We will explain right away. Pantone – in case you do not know that is the well-known source of updated pallets for every season and every new year. According to its competent opinion the color of 2013 will be emerald green.

We have dedicated this article to the famous dress from Atonement as well as other elegant clothes in that color. But to like an evening dress in emerald is not a challenge – most of the models are great. The problem that could occur is to try to introduce the color into our everyday life.
So this is why we decided to look for some professional advices regarding the combinations of emerald green and other colors. Here is what we found out:

All emerald

We talk about a color that makes a great impression without being too bright and annoying. These qualities mean that we can dress entirely in it. Clothes, shoes, accessories, jewelry – there is no problem they all to be emerald. If you decide to use only an accent keep in mind that except dresses, very interesting are elegant trousers, skirts and coats in this specific shade.
Shoes, bags and jewelry in emerald green are massive, often baroque. If you are a proud owner of bright eyes, you will look stunning with similar accessories!

In combination with black

The color of the night combines well with the emerald shade. Black bag, black jewelry and black shoes – if you choose them they will put more elegance without the sophisticated vision of the green. They will let it shine bright. It fits well with black accessories with small white dots.

In combination with beige

This is another good idea you can take advantage of to underline the beauty of the emerald green clothing. Combine it with not only pantyhose, but shoes in nude color, by the way they are the only ones that combine well with no matter what clothes. Did you know this secret? Remember it because it will be useful for the next change of colors.


Attention! You can’t go wrong if you trust it. It’s probable to make crazy every man you meet because you will look stunning. Your stylish green solution can make more unconfident ladies turn green of anger as well.
The colors of the peacock – emerald green and blue

This is also a very interesting combination with which you will look overwhelming. However, you must be extremely precise in choosing each element of the outfit if you want to look like a paradise, not a ‘strange’ bird. And yet, we advise you to try! And if you do not have enough courage, bet on bright emerald + bright, instead compulsive blue. You will get an unexpectedly romantic and dreamy look.


The so-called colorblocking is a dangerous territory and is recommended only for those who really understand fashion and style. Emerald green may seem strange in combination with contrasting colors of the spectrum: purple, red, orange. But it may also seem catastrophic. Especially if you are the kind that rarely experiments and are not accustomed to surprises. In this case, you risk looking like a Christmas tree (red and green) or a grotesque cartoon (pink and green). The same goes for floral motives.
If you are gifted with a good sense of colors, however, you can achieve fascinating and interesting results. Particularly relevant are the following combinations “main characters”: turquoise blouse, trousers in cobalt, royal blue or indigo, orange coat and appropriate shoes, bag, belt.
Nature knows what it is doing. It can align bright colors in the greenness around. But can we have the same aesthetic sense?

Appropriate makeup  

Emerald is an impressive and noticeable color so that you risk looking nondescript, if you combine the outfit with neutral or pastel shades in your makeup. You do not want to be overshadowed by your own clothes? To avoid such effects, the makeup should be balanced. Black and pale green shades are the best solutions. To your nails, you can add a metallic shine.

Bright lipstick

If you are the kind of woman who has always dreamed to be with bright red lipstick, but rarely dare to do so, the color of the year can serve as an incentive and justification. Emerald green dresses look best with a particular “painted” so lips. Well, of course, you can always choose and unobtrusive, brownish tint. But it is important to put lipstick, otherwise you will look pale.
This year is a game of colors. Are you ready?


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