How to turn into a stylish woman?


The question, most often asked by women is: “How do I turn into a stylish woman?” The first thing you ladies should do is to understand what the meaning of the word style is. The stylish person is not a fantastic creature from the fashion world! In fact the style is more often associated with the individuality which assists people to show their character, mood and why not theor dreams. The stylish woman is the one who skillfully selects clothes that fit her perfectly.


The best way to learn something new is to find the appropriate examples. In order to turn into a really stylish woman learn the laws that accompany this change. In fact this is not about reading from a book written by a fashion stylist. What you should develop is your sense to the pretty and stylish. The first step is to learn how to combine your clothes and look good all the time. To start from somewhere do the following experiment: go for a walk and observe the women in the streets, the ones that have a stylish appearance will be noticeable. Take notice of the combinations of clothes and accessories. Buy fashion magazines, be interested in the fashion tendencies.

Revise your wardrobe

The second step you should take to improve your appearance is a wardrobe revision. Open it and make a critical look on the side. Somewhere there is for sure a shelf of clothes that you not only do not put on, but you do not like and due to a reason unfamiliar to you as well, you still keep them. It is high time you throw away everything you do not like! Be uncompromising!

Start with safe combinations

For sure you will not feel completely confident when you start combining your clothes in a different way, due to this reason start with the safe combinations. As a start the monochromatic combinations are the most appropriate alternatives for all beginners. They of course may bore you very easily, so combine classic colors such as: black and white, gray and white, gray and black and add a fresh accessory. The more simple your appearance is the classier will your look be.

Find the appropriate clothes

One of the most important prerequisites for a perfect appearance is the clothes that you wear to be your exact size. It is absolutely forbidden to dress in clothes a few sizes bigger to cover your wrinkly skin or belly. Baggy clothes never work for your benefit, on the contrary, they create an impression that your body is not well maintained.  You understand that such clothes are not stylish. The same way stands the matter of clothes of smaller sizes. To reach perfection – always buy clothes of your exact size.


The moment you reach the level of confidence you can start to experiment. Work on your own image by adding new shades to your clothing and accessories. Every new item in your wardrobe in one way or another determines your style and appearance. Never put limits or borders when it comes to your appearance. Be open to new things in fashion but never too much.

The style is a big challenge for every woman who one way or another wants to have a high social status and not only. Ladies, do not forget to pay attention to the makeup, hair and manicure. Remember the following: Appearance is what you are inside.



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