How to look better in our clothes

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Which are the clothes that make us slimmer? Do not you sabotage your efforts to look slimmer if you wear clothes that make you look fluffier? We offer you some advices about which colors and shapes will make your figure look more slender and a few kilos lighter.

Long dark blue jeans

From the knee up the jeans should be tight to your body but bellow they can be loose and should definitely cover the shoes. Long dark blue jeans fit well every physique and extend the legs and the silhouette visually.


Vertical accessories will extend your height

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One of the great misbeliefs is that loose clothes make us look slimmer because they cover our imperfections. It is not like that – dress in the exact size for your body but add some vertical accents in your clothing that will extend your silhouette. For example a long necklace, vest or a scarf.


What do dresses cover beyond the fabric



These dresses cover the imperfections of almost every figure very well as their cut should be of the sandglass type – with underlined waist so it does not look baggy. If you do not like sleeveless dresses or you are self-conscious about your arms you can always put on a vest or a short coat.


Underline your waist

Maybe you think there is no way a wide white tunic to make you look slimmer bit it’s not like that. It depends on how you wear it. If you have a nice waistline underline it with a wide belt and put on high-heeled or platform shoes. With this vision you will distract the attention from the curves around the hips and thighs.


Black pants

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With them the effect will be the same as of the long jeans. It is not a myth that black cone-type black pants always make us look thinner. Even if you have bigger hips do not cover them with loose blouses because this will shorten your figure.



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