How to keep our clothes new for longer

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Save money from filling your closet by taking good care of your clothes. When shopping, spend a little more on classic garments that can be worn for several seasons. Then extend their life and keep them, so they can always look like new.

How to wash our clothes

Wash your clothes in cold water, use soft detergents and avoid bleach. This will for sure extend the life of most of the fabrics. Wash by hand – mostly the more delicate fabrics. Avoid washing clothes you do not have to – if you have worn the jeans for several hours why wash them immediately.

How the heat from the drying machine affects the clothes

The heath of the drying machine not only shrinks the fabrics but ruins them with time. Use liquid softener when washing and let the clothes dry naturally. This not only extends their life but will save you money from the electricity the dryer uses.

When to clean stains

Stains ruin the clothes. Always wear in your purse a chemical for removing stains or a small soap so you can react immediately if a stain occurs.

How to keep the shoes and clothes right

Use the right hangers – lined hangers for underwear and other light clothes, wood – for suits and jackets, plastic – for most other clothes. If possible, avoid wire hangers.

Shoes also need special care. Cracked and wrinkled boots look terrible. Keep them as new by storing them stuffed with paper or foam – this will surely save their shape. Do not create a pile of shoes at the bottom of the wardrobe – store them in boxes or stack them on shelves. If they loosen, heels break or soles are worn out, take them as soon as possible for repair.

How to protect our clothes from cosmetic products

Substances in perfumes, hairsprays or other similar cosmetic products can damage the clothes. So it is best to use them before you get dressed.

How to change clothes with such we have never worn

If there are clothes that are in a good condition but you will hardly ever wear, organize a change of clothes with friends. You can save much money and it is a good occasion to get together with the girls and have some coffee.



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