How to combine our clothes


Unlike the Holywood stars, most women do not have personal stylists to select their clothes and therefore are forced to decide what combinations to create.

The secrets of the good style are unwritten rules that do not change as are constantly changing the fashion trends. Permissible is a combination of sport and business style, but in a special way.

The upper part of the dress should be looser and the lower – stylish and elegant. You will look funny with a knitted skirt and a business jacket, but with a knitted sweater and a tight skirt you will have the look of an elegant college student.

Similarly are combined and business and evening wardrobe components. Stringent trousers or a skirt can be combined with a bright blouse, but the opposite combination is impossible.

The shoes are a special element of the style. The evening dress requires elegant shoes, the jeans – sports shoes, the business suits – fine conservative shoes.

The more delicate the fabric from which the garment is made of, the more tight the body is to this garment. Tweed, tight jeans and knitwear combine well with silk and fine wool if you are wearing thin clothes on.

Knitted clothing does not combine with silk. The combination of an evening dress and a cardigan is simply unthinkable. Crocheted sweaters and jackets combine well with jeans, tight pants and skirts.

Modern scarves decorating the clothes can be of any materials apart from heavy fabrics or cheap cotton. Choose accessories that to matche your clothes.

Scarves always look stylish, they are airy and delicate. The large jewelry leave for the evening, but large brooches do not combine with thin blouses.

When it comes to skirts in combination with a coat there is one rule: the longer the skirt, the shorter the coat. Do not wear miniskirt with a short coat.

Do not combine in your clothing more than three colors. Black and white does not count because they are neutral.


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