How to choose a suit? Part 2


Large men fashion

Do not wear too loose suits, they will make you look very casual. If you have a belly put a handkerchief in the pocket of your coat, this will attract the attention to it and will distract it from the problematic area.

Wear the coat always buttoned up (unless when seating of course) This also covers up the belly.

Avoid squared shirts, especially on large squares because this pattern additionally broadens the body.

Wear elegant single-color shirts.

Choose pants that are tighter in the upper part – without many tucks.

Wear tight neckties and rears, this will visually elongate your figure.

It is not worth to tight your belly with a belt, it will only put a stress on it.

You have another solution – use suspenders. They are comfortable and they will make you look more elegant.

Chose shoes with hard soles.

These models ensure comfort and are more reliable for the greater weight.

Fashion for overly muscled men

Do not wear coats with sharp rears.

Your chest and shoulders are wide enough, it is not necessary to stress them. Do not put a handkerchief in the upper part so you do not attract attention there.

Choose coats that fit perfectly.

Too loose coats will not fit you.

A coat with two buttons combines well with the V-shaped silhouette of your torso.

Avoid coats with pads. Your shoulders are visible enough without them.

For shirts choose models with lower collars. They will fit well the neck and you will feel more comfortable.

You can wear tight trousers without any worries.

Pants with loose pant legs will ruin the good silhouette of your figure.

Not appropriate for you are massive shoes neither very light ballet shoes.


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