How to choose a suit?-Part 1

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The suit (and especially the jacket) is this specific garment that will ideally underline your physique and also the appropriately selected suit can cover some flaws of your body – too short or too long legs, plump physique or very masculine shoulders.
The right combination of the rest of the details of the male clothing – the shirt, the shoes and accessories (belt and tie) are also important for the good appearance.
For future graduates, grooms in fact for all men we will reply to the question “How to choose a suit according to the height and physique and which are the appropriate shirt, shoes and accessories?”

If you have a standard height and harmonic physique then your task is very easy, you can find a suit to fit in the first store. But if you are outside the standards here are some useful advices:
Short men fashion:

Do not wear long coats.

They will shorten your height.

Wide lapels are also inappropriate.

Choose narrow lapels with sharp angles, this will prolong your physique.

With pants with a little shorter length you will look taller.

Choose shirts with long sleeves and wide cuffs – this will visually extend the line of your arms.

To add centimeters to your figure wear coats with low-positioned buttons.

Use regulating ties.

After you have tied the tie, tuck the back part so that it is not visible.

The good thing of this type of ties is that the length can vary according to your height.

It is good to know:

The belt will make you shorter.

It separates the body in two parts and that visually shortens the silhouette.

Better choose pants that fit and do not put on a belt.

For short men appropriate are sharp, prolonged shoes.

Tall men fashion:

Do not buy big suits, you will sink in them and look like a big coat hanger.

Do not put too tight ties. This will additionally extend your torso.

More appropriate for you are the loose ties.
It is good to know:

Brighter colors broaden the physique.

Do not wear long coats. The best length is medium.

Coats with two buttons and comparatively long cuffs look better on taller men.

Not appropriate for you are too long sleeves of the shirt or the coat. Let the sleeves of the shirt show a little bit from the coat’s sleeves. This will visually shorten your hands.
Do not wear too long trousers in order your legs to not look longer. Tall men usually wear large shoe sizes.

Choose shoes with rounded tips and oval shape.
For tall men appropriate are accessories which visually separate the body because they balance well the physique’s proportions.
Belt on the trousers, handkerchief showing from the upper pocket of the coat and a tie with horizontal lines have that effect.

Because you are tall you can wear shirts with outside pockets and complex shapes. These details also visually shorten the length.



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