How to choose a hat

Image: © nyul / Fotolia

The choice of sunglasses and bag is not very difficult for most of us. For them we have found the balance between fashion tendencies, personal taste and what suits us. Other is the matter with summer hats. Because of the long years in misuse they have the fame of very extravagant accessory. During this season according to leading designers without a hat our vision will be incomplete and deprived of romance. The selected model should suit our overall appearance as well as the shape of our face.

According to your face shape
The wide face can be compensated with higher hat. In this case appropriate is the classical panama as well as the cowboy models with side narrowed periphery which visually elongates the face. Appropriate is the mysterious fedora, know to us by gangster and criminal movies. Yes, all those hats are usually for men but they feel great in women’s wardrobe.


If you want to soften the lines of a square face choose a model with rounder shape, for example the bell-type. On the contrary – the oval may be corrected with hat on one side. Appropriate are berets and all models allowing it. For too elongated faces perfect are wide hats without any additional height.

According to the style
The bell hat is a trademark of women with elegant style. It suits romantic dresses for 50s usually full of dots and flowers. Wide models are related to sun protection but they add some chic so they are perfect for loose and light clothing which create the feeling of summer breeze on the seaside.

The panama and fedora, especially if they are bright in color and made of straw are irreplaceable for hot summer days. They are appropriate for suits as well as for simple skirts and dresses, but they especially fit the safari style.

The charming French beret and its British cousin – the tweed hat create a special mood, youthful individuality. They fit perfectly with light shirt and cigarette-type pants. They can be part of the business suit or in combination with very tight coat or trench coat.


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