How colors affect our soul


Modern physicians, due to many years of research and experiments, have come to the conclusion that various colors (or a combination thereof) influence or rather directly cause some biochemical reactions in the body and even stimulate entire sections of the cerebral cortex.

Colors heal the soul.

The stimulation of senses with different colors as a method of healing the soul and feelings was known even to the ancient civilizations. Healers are aware that colors – the main, as well as in combination have a beneficial impact on our mood and behavior. As a result, the brain orders the production of hormones that affect almost all vital processes. To color therapy succumbs the metabolism as well, also sleep and appetite, emotions and even the mood.

Lighter, more intense colors

They certainly charge with enthusiasm and good spirits most of us. However, nuances and shades that work best for our self-esteem, according to the scientists, are those selected not according to the seasonal fashion but according to our individual temperament.

What colors to wear if you are strong and powerful

If you are strong, powerful and a personality with a solid character and you love challenges, the experts would advise you to wear clothing with winter colors – red, black, dark blue.

What colors to wear if you are more sensitive

If you are more sensitive and sentimental dress in the subtle and delicate shades of summer – pink, coral, purple, light blue or white.

What colors to wear if you are balanced and calm

If you are balanced, secure and peaceful, for you are the saturated pastel colors of autumn – brown, orange, olive green, beige.

What colors to wear if you are temperamental

If you are identified as a cheerful, exuberant and energetic person – wear sparkling bright spring colors – yellow, scarlet, green apple.

Harmonious combination of colors

The harmonious combination of attitude and inner spiritual peace with appropriately colored clothing, according to psychologists, is one of the secrets of the good mood.

Colorful as a rainbow

Whatever we say about psychologists, research scientists and more in this sense, there is something that makes me personally very happy. And these are colorful people. Not gray, not dark, not lazy, bored, empty, but colorful. Those people who, despite the pain, afflictions, hardships, keep shining, with radiant colors stored in their souls and paint in bright colors their thoughts. With them you can share everything, reveal intimate thoughts, emotions, dreams. In their company you feel somehow more important, strong, wise, happy. And most importantly – more colorful. Therefore be colorful like a rainbow.


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