High self-esteem for short ladies

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A few tips on how to feel good in your skin

There is a painful issue for many women – the short height. Increasingly, I hear the creatures of the fairer sex to be embarrassed to put on low shoes, to wear long dresses / skirts or a wide jumpsuit because they do not have the dreamed “long and slender legs.” I want to share with you a few tricks that I know for visual lengthening of the figure and a real self-esteem enhancement.


TIP № 1

Wear pants or skirts with high waist. It always creates the illusion of slender flesh and longer legs. Accordingly, the higher standing belt of the dress, pants, skirt, the better. Besides, you will look very sexy!


TIP № 2

Do not bet on the multicolor. In addition, the etiquette requires a combination of no more than three colors, so for each short lady is a plus to be dressed in only one color. If the colors are more – let them be such as black and white (a traditional combination), ecru and brown, or for the fresh outfits – light pink with dark pink, blue matches well with green and coral – with yellow.

It is better the light shades to be at the upper part of the outfit. However it is preferred that the clothes are in a single tone – for maximum extension of the figure.


TIP № 3

The dresses and skirts with length below the knee are the enemy of the short legs. Naturally, this does not mean that the skirt type “miniskirt” is their best friend. The skirt must be to mid-thigh.

And although the written so far, we do not have to run away from the long dresses. There is a difference between the skirt to the knee and the maxi dress – the latter, selected in the appropriate colors and sufficiently tight in order to “describe” the body, could give more length the figure than the skirt which “eats” half of the legs.


TIP № 4

Forget about the big accessories – bags, belts, necklaces … Typically, the large handbags change the body shape and the short ladies seem smaller than their accessory (metaphorically, of course).

I have not forgotten and for the favorite of every woman high-heeled shoes…


TIP № 5

As we all know, the high heels are the best way to make the legs visually longer. Unfortunately, not always the 14 cm thin current looks good in everyday life, and not everywhere is accepted to wear such shoes (for example, the work in a bank does not allow more than 7 cm).

As Marilyn Monroe said: “Give a woman the right shoes and she will conquer the world.” If in your case the high shoes are not a suitable option and you do not feel comfortable, do not despair – the slippers and the monochrome shoes without many elements on them are also a good option when selected with taste.


Still, the woman no matter short or tall is always beautiful!




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