Four ways to look stunning at an evening event

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The choice of an evening outfit is often a difficult task. We all want to be elegant and memorable at the same time. To follow the trends in fashion, but without overdoing it. Be fashionable but not kitschy. The headache usually begins a day or two earlier. Yet the truth is that you are missing a small detail, fabric or accessory to make sure you are stunning.

Rule №1: Rock look
Black is always a wise decision. Perfect for a cocktail or going out to a bar. For Christmas Eve, we advise you to bet on the colorful rock chic.

Select: little black dress, satin pants, cigarette type, pleated skirt that fits perfectly, quilted jackets.

As for the accessories, you would not be wrong to bet on simplicity.

As for the eye shadows, smoky black is a must and do not forget the lips in bright red color.

Rule №2: Animal prints
If you love bright colors and do not want to sink into the black chic, even in the evening animal prints are coming to the rescue. Be careful, though, because it is easy to overdo them.

Select: discrete animal printed accessories, but if you are more daring, why not wear a coat or even miniskirt in that pattern? The fabric should be suede or silk. As for the colors, it is good to know that leopard looks good with red and navy blue and zebra looks good with gray or olive green.

Rule №3: XXL
This winter fashionable are the big items. Therefore, if you want to make an impression with your evening dress, do not hesitate to play with the volume. From clothes, accessories, to hairstyles, the XXL – size is everywhere. Of course, pay attention to the proportions. Volume at the top necessarily requires simplicity at the bottom and vice versa.

Select: bulky leather skirt that is original, while hiding any flaws. Perfect is the model with pleats and elastic waist. Transparent shirt fits perfectly fine to it. And if you prefer to accentuate the accessories, the choice is huge. High heels and platforms will make you look super sexy. Large jewelry and belts are also a big hit during the cold months.

Rule №4: Suede
Fall-Winter 2012-2013 fashion season seems to bring back the suede. Take advantage of it when choosing an evening outfit. It is best to wear a dress of velvet or suede in color burgundy or black.

Select: short dress with puffed sleeves Victorian style. It fits perfectly with platform shoes and simple jewelry. Hairstyle? With such an outfit you can pick whatever hairstyle without going wrong: loose or an elegant tight bum, the choice is yours!


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