Fashion advices from the best stylists

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I suppose you have noticed how every month has its style, spirit and specific clothing and accessories. We will give you some useful fashion advices for how and what to wear in November and December.

1. A little variety never hurts. The exceptional hit on the catwalks are the shiny, screaming pants in bright colors. It is clear that most of us will chose to get dressed in the dark shades – black, gray. Why not diversify ourselves with some stylish red, blue or green pants? Colors bring good mood and make the overall appearance of your clothes more interesting.

2. Combine two things from your clothing. For example an H & M black skirt and a black clutch bag, also from H & M. This makes you look complete.


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3. This never goes out of style – slim pants or just black stretch pants, combined with an interesting long pullover in a brighter color. The ideal option would be black and yellow or red and yellow. Very comfortable but at the same time very stylish! It never goes out of the fashion lines so if you choose to get dressed like that for your next walk, meeting or even dinner you will not be mistaken.

4. Do not forget the blazer! But you can upgrade it. Yes, that is right, at the moment very up-to-date are the more colorful blazers. Try the typical jacket but instead of black, in an interesting print that you like. Combine with straight pants in black or white and you can be sure that you will attract the attention even of your bosses.

5. If you like to experiment or you are just sick and tired to wear the same boring coats, then that is the moment to buy one of those vintage coats with animal prints. We are not joking, they are always a hit, the question is what to wear them with and how. It is best with dark pants and a pullover or a blouse of the same color because if your entire clothing is colorful there is a danger to look like some of the animals in the zoo. Be careful with the selection of such a coat because the sad truth is that it does not fit every woman.

Remember, when you are sick and tired of your ordinary style and want diversity, the easiest way is through the different prints and various colors, but be moderate. Do not miss the accessories. When if not now you will be able to wear scarves and gloves? Surprise yourself with some new and interesting combinations.

Fashion is imagination, the clothes are the key to it.



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