Fashion advices for slender figure

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In winter, many ladies prone to obesity have some problems with their vision – rounded belly, bigger butts, wide hips … Can these imperfections be mitigated and pinned? Sure, but you must take in consideration your figure when choosing your clothes.
Do not follow blindly the fashion trends
Choose clothes according to your own style and obligatory try the clothing you buy because not always what looks good on the hanger will look good on you.
Stress the neckline
Those of you who have a pleasing to the male eye chest but do not like their butts for example, can hide flaws by putting a long blouse with a plunging neckline and trousers with straight cut or Charleston. Another option is a shirt with round or V-neck and a knitted top. To complete the outfit, choose a straight skirt with 7/8th length. If the belly worries you, wear a blouse “hug me” type with a stitch or a tape-ribbon just below the bust, the cut is loose. Tight body shirts will definitely not fit.

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Game of shades
If you are a fan of dots, stripes or floral motives buy clothes with small figures and elements. Vertical stripes elongate the silhouette optically, so it is appropriate for pants, but the box for this garment is taboo. Big details on the clothes, such as pockets, are not preferred. Avoid shorts and models that are designed to be inside the boots. Refrain from wearing large belts that are currently a hit. They go well for ladies with delicate small waist and hips.
Softening the disadvantages can be achieved by wearing clothes in one color or with close shades. For example a bright brown blouse and a few tones lighter pants.
Skirts and dressess
Do not avoid these so natural feminine clothes just because you do not have the ideal 90/60/90. The straight skirt keeps the waistline without underlining the curves of the body. Braver and eccentric ladies can put on a skirt type “balloon” in a combination with a shirt with classic cut. As for the dresses – avoid too tight models. A classical straight dress with high waist will suit you perfectly. The length can be to the knee or to the ankles. Bet on the clean line but in an interesting color.
Floor and ceiling
With completing accents you can win a few centimeters in your favor with the hairstyle and the shoes. Choosing a voluminous hairstyle and shoes with heels between 5- 7 cm will benefit the optical extension of the figure. This will reflect your confidence as well, no matter if you have a few extra kilos.


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