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When it comes to personal style in the wearing of sports clothing women often make two teams. The first ones “score” with the claim that clothing should always be comfortable. They are not interested in up-to-date accessories for training neither the latest tendencies imposed by the famous brands.

The second female team controls with grace and sense to aesthetics even during sports. The active representatives of this type try to look fashionable even in the gym.

Today we turn to all of you. To the ones defending comfort during a workout we offer top clothing which to a great extend will ease you while you do exercise for a healthy and pretty figure. At the attention of the girls who are excited for details when choosing sportswear – here are some of the latest tendencies:

For the comfort you must have:

 Sports bra

It is created for women in the move. It ensures the necessary peace for the breasts. Usually made of harder fabric, absorbing the moisture and allowing the skin to breathe. You can be sure that it will turn into the best sports partner.

Sports sleeveless top

It will offer us additional comfort when working out as well as a clearer view on the area we should put a stress on. It is manufactured of light, breathing fabrics ensuring additional easement of the moves we do while taking care of our figure.

Sports stretch pants

We prefer the stretch pants before the sweat sports pants because of the ease they offer. Made of stretch fabric, comfortable and stylish they can underline the pretty figure but also show the imperfections for some ladies. But the results are visible with the next dressing.

Sports top

This is an absolute necessity especially if we train outside. It is possible to feel cold when we start the workout and get hot immediately after we begin. Here is why we offer you the vest tops. They have additional fabric so you don’t feel cold and the lack of sleeves makes the movements easy.

For the pleasure you should wear:

With style

The fashion sportswear can be retro or be marked by the so popular safari patterns. The animalistic flow continues to rule showing details, decorations and prints turned into code names to “up-to-date”!


In addition to the traditional black, white and gray sportswear in orange, red, green, olive, yellow, pink as well as fabrics with animalistic floral or graphical prints are very fashionable. The contrasting color combinations and bright accents continue to rule in the sports world.


Tops, jackets, sweatshirts should not be the traditional style. This season the designers offer original models, as for example a sweatshirt with short sleeves, high jackets with unusual collar, extended tops and models with stripes. Some brands offer tops in various layers, tank tops with unusual cuts or many “spaghetti” stripes which look magnificent. Tight pants with loose silhouette, including models extended at the arm curve and cuff are still very fashionable. An absolute trend of sportswear this season: SHORT.


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