Discrimination in fashion

Image: © Sergey Sukhorukov / Fotolia

Nowadays fashion is an important part of everyone’s life. The last pair of jeans on the market or the most expensive sweater in the mall are clothes that many people spend lots of money on. Let’s not forget the accessories, which are attractive to everybody at the jewelry store. Clothing is a basic problem of the majority of our society. I say problem because nowadays no one tries to dress comfortably, everyone tries to dress fashionable and attract attention. But who needs this? Why are people so excited by the appearance of others, and why it’s so important to wear expensive clothes and show off? These are questions that frankly I don’t find meaningful answers to.

Paris, Milan and New York are identified as the main fashion centers worldwide. They have the best designers such as Louis Vuitton, Prada, Dolce & Gabbana, Versace, Fendi, Victoria’s Secret, and many others, as well as all the global manufacturers of fashion apparel and accessories. Also in this fashion capitals is determined what is in vogue today, and what is already out of fashion. The clothes produced there are extremely expensive and not everyone can afford them. Are they, however, worth the money?!

The fashion tendencies for every season are very different, sometimes a little strange, others not so much. Girls mostly care about fashion. They love to attract attention and almost never go out with one and the same clothing twice. This doesn’t happen because the next day this clothing is not fashionable, but because the fear of others gossiping is too important. To live in the fashion’s capital and wear the same clothes is unacceptable, in case you claim to be of high style. If you allow yourself such negligence regarding your clothing expect to be discriminated.

Discrimination in fashion is very common these days, maybe we don’t realize it but it’s a fact. People judge others for their appearance. A typical example for this kind of discrimination is the “EMO” style among teenagers. The so called “normal” teenagers don’t event talk to them and that’s because of their appearance and clothes. Nobody thinks of them as normal people and have thoughts and feelings. How would you feel in that situation? What would you do if society doesn’t notice you? Discrimination in fashion also affects very seriously fat people. There are none of the products in regular shops for them. Why? These people have to go naked?! Why should they shop only in shops marked “GIANT”, this sounds insulting and very discriminating.

The clothes reflect the personality. If you meet a lady wearing high heel shoes, short skirt and tight blouse be sure that she is not dressed like that because she feels comfortable but because she wants to attract attention. Her wish is someone to praise her ego. If you meet a lady with sneakers, jeans and no makeup, be sure she doesn’t care at all about your opinion. She feels confident and pretty in her skin and does not need additional “tuning” other girls rely on.

Girls sometimes get too obsessive about their appearance and instead of achieving perfection they look like dolls – cold and soulless. Of course there is nothing wrong with people trying to look nice but not at every cost. Because the fact that you are dressed in clothes for 5000 dollars doesn’t give you the right to judge or insult the person whose clothes cost 50 dollars. This doesn’t mean he is less valuable as a person than you. Fashion and abiding by it is a personal choice. Make the right choice for yourself, don’t be manipulated by fashion!


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