Denim summer, ole!

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Summer, heat and jeans – not a very good combination, right? During the warm days we are trying to avoid everything more narrowly, tight and closed, but bet on the airy and light garments.


Undeservedly, however, we cast the jeans at the bottom of the wardrobe. There is a way to wear our favorite casual everyday clothing without feeling like in a denim prison.


Select elasticized jeans


Now are available elasticized jeans made of cotton and some amount of spandex, which makes them the most suitable, comfortable, “breathable” pants for the summer. Ask around in details the consultants in the shops and do not compromise with the materials, if you want good and qualitative jeans.


Bravely with the light colors


The color of the jeans in the summer is just as important as the fabric. You probably guess that the black jeans will attract more of the sunshine, and then you will feel as if you are in the sauna.


Wear loose jeans


It is super sweet and sexy to see a woman with jeans, as if borrowed from the wardrobe of her boyfriend. And if they are combined with a short top and delicate heels or sneakers, then the view becomes impressive.


Shabby jeans


The For Live Grunge style ranks among the most favorite trends of the young people worldwide. Both before and now, the bedraggled, cut or simply shabby jeans are a great option for a cool and funky finish of a summer outfit.


Short denim shorts


So how can we live without them?! They are among the most comfortable garments, which is simply a must for the summer.


Denim skirts


The skirts made of denim fabric seem to have fallen behind in the movement of the fashion trends over the past few seasons, but just you may be those improvisers who can reset them to the glamorous summer life. We all love the denim skirts and want to wear them!


Denim jackets and sleeveless shirts


They are among the biggest hits in the woman’s wardrobe since last year. Super sexy clothes that can be combined seamlessly with almost everything.



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