Advices for good appearance

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Your clothes can cost hundreds of dollars, they may be purchased from the most exclusive boutiques and be art of the greatest designers but combined in an inappropriate way cannot make you look petty. To protect yourselves of such mistakes you will definitely need a few fashion advices. Especially for you we have selected some main rules which to follow when combining clothing and accessories.

Find out what you should and should not wear in order to look great.

Know your body and the physical marks you determine as perfect or close to perfect and “decorate” them with sheer clothing or accessories to underline them. Use women’s confection which besides quality materials offers exceptional comfort.

If you have a belly that you would like to conceal use elastic belt which to hide the loose part or use a wide belt over the blouse that you are wearing. It is recommended for ladies with a small belly, not for the ones that have a loose one – in this case such a belt will be inappropriate.

Do not use too much eye shadows and lipstick at the same time. This makes the face loose its charm. Accent on one or the other.

The upper rule is effective also for the breasts and legs. If you have great legs and breasts never show them at the same time. This usually makes a bad impression. It is not necessary to be half naked to show your physical advantages.

Clothes with neon colors flooded the market, but what remains hidden for most ladies is that these colors are appropriate for the ones having olive skin tone.

If you have dark circles under your eyes do not put anything dark around your face because it will underline it. We mean black hats, scarves and blouses with dark high collar.

The bra should always be the exact size so you do not press the skin which could look really awful. And still it is better to be with pressed skin than without a bra. This is a pleasure for only those with silicone implants.

If you have problems with cellulite in the field of the hips and bum do not wear thongs when you are wearing fine fabric pants.

If you have a heavier body you should not wear shoes with high and thin heels. It will cause the expression that any moment your shoes will sink into the ground. Platforms and smaller heels are more appropriate for you.

Never mix various styles of clothing if you are not sure how they will look together. An anorak and patent leather shoes, sneakers and formal pants – no woman would look good dressed this way.

These are the basic rules for a nice appearance. By following them you will not have negative comments after you on the street.



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