Accessories – the woman’s best friend


Accessories are something not so important at first sight but without them your clothes and your whole apperance will look incomplete. But do not forget that you should not overuse them because you risk your styling to be too much. On the market there are many accessories but I will help you select the prettiest, the ones that are appropriate for your style. You should know what accessories are suitable for the different types of clothes.

Let’s start from the tiaras and ribbons. This is an accessory that is used since ancient times and has a timeless look. Tiaras can be used both for daily wear and for more sophisticated cases. The flowers in the hair are also a favorite accessory, but do not forget to put a flower that is not larger than your fist, or it is likely to hide your face. Also avoid wearing it in the everyday life!

Headbands are something that should be used only in sports or if your daily clothing is sporty, in any case not at official events. Satin fabrics will help to attract more eyes to you!

Let’s continue with the eternal accessory – the glasses! This is the most preferred accessory because it covers a lot of the face and is mysterious. Depending on the shape of your face you can select glasses that fit you perfectly! But never choose too large glasses that cover almost all of your face!

The handbag is something necessary for every woman and no matter how many she has in her wardrobe they are never enough. Most important, dear friends, never forget to combine them with the color of your shoes! Don’t forget you cannot be with sneakers and an official bag, so match the style as well!

Every woman needs well selected jewelry which to match her personality! Whether silver or gold, fabric or leather, there is no woman that doesn’t like beautiful jewelry! So my advice is don’t overuse them but stress on them if your clothing is simple!

One accessory that we have to mention is the belt. Depending on your clothing the belt can make your body look gorgeous. If you wear a loose dress put a belt under your breasts, the effect is guaranteed. If you are with a straight, short dress put on a thin belt, it shouldn’t be too thick otherwise it will look rough! Don’t forget, the belt is tasteful for every clothing style!

All those accessories will give you a complete and stylish look! And remember, you are the artist, creating the overall picture!



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