8 tips for choosing the right bra

Many women do not even suspect that they do not know how to choose the right size bra?

Yes, this is very important for a woman’s health, because if the bra is the wrong size it may cause back pain, shortness of breath, numbness and discomfort.


Here are just 8 tips to help you have the exact bra size:


  1. The bra cups must accurately cover the breasts of the woman – they should not be too pressed or loose.


  1. The breasts should never pop up over the very fabric of the bra. In this way you are aggressively squeezing them and this can lead to pain.


  1. The under wires are a good option for the bra. Many women do not want under-wire bras, but this really is better for the support of the breasts.


  1. Avoid wearing strapless bra unless it is very necessary for an evening dress. In case you have a large bust – this is a real punishment for the woman.


  1. The straps of the bra should not burrow into the skin of the shoulders leaving red tracks. There are mechanisms – buckles in most of the bras and the woman should adjust them.


  1. Do not choose too extravagant bras for the everyday life from synthetic fabrics. Use cotton bras or such of natural materials so that the skin of the breasts may breathe freely.


  1. Do not buy a bra by only looking at it, even if it is noted that it is your exact bust size or size of the cups. Remember – the rubber bands or fabrics of the bras are different. Some stretch more and others – less.


  1. The bras must be changed at least at 6-12 months, because the elastic sizes loosen and droop from the often washing. When wearing a baggy from laundering bra – you also look misshapen and can spoil the impression from your prettiest garment.


Yes, it is time to review your wardrobe and treat yourself with a new bra, not only for good self-confidence, but also for excellent health.


It is time for shopping!


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