5 things we learned from Coco Chanel

Image: © Mee Ting / Fotolia

Coco Chanel – a lady who completely changed the world of fashion and the way we perceive it today. Her story inspires, and the way she dresses is the true personification of style and class that turns into a role model even nowadays.



The power of the little black dress

Regardless of whether we are invited to a romantic date, a working lunch or a cocktail party, the little black dress is suitable for any occasion. Namely Coco Chanel turned the classic little black dress into a symbol of limitless style and class, and Karl Lagerfeld, the current CEO of the fashion house Chanel, has spoken the wise words: “A woman can never go wrong wearing a little black dress.”


The tweed

The iconic tweed suit became a symbol of the brand. With the evolution of the brand evolved and the tweed suit, which even today has a modern appeal.


Chanel No 5

“A woman who does not wear perfume is a woman without future” – this is one of the most famous wisdoms of Coco Chanel and the first perfume of the brand Chanel No 5 and today is one of the best-selling perfumes in the history of the perfumery.


The chains are for the real ladies

Coco Chanel introduced the fashion of the chains used as necklaces and especially as handles for handbags when she had to carry her purse in hand. Instead, she stitched a thin chain as a handle of the bag. Karl Lagerfeld finds a way to maintain this trend and today.


Camellia: the perfect finish

Coco Chanel fell in love with the Camellias when she received them as a gift. Since then she began to attach them to the clothes, the hats and even in her hair. The flower which is a symbol of longevity became also a symbol of the brand – it is present in almost all of the collections of accessories and in some of the clothing collections.




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