5 current trends in the sunglasses. Part 1

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We will summarize what will be modern, by focusing on the main points such as colors, materials used, shapes and decorations.

The time has come to review the fashion trends in one of the favorite accessories of every woman – the glasses.


Whether you need to wear prescription glasses or you are lucky that you have good eyesight and can wear solar ones, you certainly are excited by the latest developments in the field. Especially given that already, thanks to the new technologies, is possible the installation of dioptric lenses on solar modern frames.


Let’s see what will be fashionable this year, by focusing on the key elements such as colors, materials used, shapes and decorations.


Colorful is the new black

Until a few years ago the black frames were almost the main choice for the consumers and designers simultaneously. Except that the colorful is here to displace the dark color. Green, blue, red, violet, even gold are the actual frames – both plastic and metal.

Other modern colorations are the dazzling bright color combinations, called by the specialists “color blocking”. The exquisite caramel-pastel colors suitable for the ladies with moderate style are also relevant.

A new trend in the sunglasses is the stratification of colors in the lateral outer part of the frame. The topical details are in blue, purple and burgundy. Most brands have several artistic design proposals in their collections, which fully meet the conditions of the modern tendencies. And at the same time you can find them at bargain prices, according to the budget you have planned to spend.


It is interesting that to the new favorites in the fashion are assigned the fluorescent and phosphorescent colors. They can now be found not so much in the children’s collections as much as in those for women and men.


The black is nevertheless alive

We can not help but mention the affection of many designers to “the dark side”: once again the main character in their collections with sunglasses is the black color. It must be reported that the luminaries in the fashion world today favor the romantic-gothic clothes – a little brutal and a little futuristic.


That is why the glasses in black, especially in matte frames will continue to be a mandatory accessory for the modern women. They are combined easily and always complement the vision, whether it is sports or elegant.


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