4 things that make you look fat

Image: © hifashion / Fotolia

See what things make you visually fatter and eliminate them!


This title really sounds pretty harsh, but actually it is important for every woman around the world. We know you do not like to put it this way, as we do not like it either. To be honest though, really there are things that visually add additional weight to the figure. In case you are looking for exactly this effect, this is good! But if you want to look more slender, pay attention to our advice.


Size and style


It does not matter whether the garment is too big or too small. In both cases it makes you look fat. That is why the appropriate size is so important. The style of the clothes can also play a bad joke on you. Choose clothes and accessories that flatter your figure.


The posture


Yes, your mother is right! You are always walking way too humped. Yes, you are tired of listening to that, then act! Work on your posture so as to attract the male glances when you are walking in the streets. The correct posture will visually enlarge your breasts, will tighten your butt and make you look more slender. Stop walking around as if you are invisible. It is time for everyone to notice you!


The shoes


Perhaps you have noticed how certain platforms make you appear clumsy, while others – elegant and chic. The nice shoes with a stylish current will visually elongate your legs and give you more confidence. Invest in good shoes in order to enjoy a good mood.


The accessories


Do you love the accessories? They make the suit more expensive and the old coat – like new. The accessories can also make you more chubby, if you emphasize on the inappropriate areas. If you have short and plump hands, avoid the huge rings and the massive bracelets. The cocktail rings are perfect for you! Risky accessory is also the necklace that requires perfect neck and neckline. Instead, look for accessories that visually lengthen the silhouette.


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