11 tendencies in the women’s wear spring – summer

Image: © Alexandra Karamyshev / Fotolia

The spring is already warming us up and summer is on the horizon. Every smart woman reviews her wardrobe critically to see what’s obsolete and make a shopping plan. The wish to be modern and pretty is much stronger than the world’s financial crises. Here’s what we should know about the tendencies in fashion for the spring and summer.

  1. Bolero

Short jacket in various options – long, ¾ or short sleeve; sports cut – between a jacket and a coat; knitted for romantic ladies and for leisure.

  1. Colorful pants

Literally pants for the spring – the summer is filled with flowers and colors. They shine in the bright shades of the pastel rainbow. The classical jeans have a print – like embroidery of tender lace. The braver ones may try pants in bright and neon colors.

  1. Low heels

A true challenge for the sexiness are the low-heeled or flat shoes. Apparently womanhood should be transferred on another element of the female clothing. But the women will walk around with lighter feet than ever.

  1. Lace blouses and dresses

The lace is at the top of femininity and in order not to feel as if you are at a formal dinner, the designers installed it in the fabrics, in the upper part of the neckline, shoulders or entire sleeves.

  1. Leather jackets

Hit for the spring will be the leather jackets – from very thin artificial leather in dark blue, ocher or brick-red. If you play with the different styles you can put it on a silk dress or a business suit.

  1. Pleat

Thin, ethereal pleat continues to be No 1 in the ladies wear. Be careful with the length – everything under the knee will make you look like an aunt or a grandma from the past century.

  1. Ribbons, frills and veils in blouses

The rich decoration in the blouses is great for ladies with small breasts. They are fashionable for every type of frills and veils in blouses, shirts and in the upper part of dresses. They are even in the jersey shirts.

  1. Cuts – loose

Let the women with not so ideal figure rest – this spring and summer we will not wear tight clothes. Fashion has loose shapes, not underlining the body curves. That doesn’t mean they are super loose – small tucks on pants with straight legs, underlined waistline, mini-puckers of sleeves in shoulders. The femininity and elegance rule.

  1. Black and white

The eternal classic is again in fashion. Combine two colors – black and white, black and beige or blue and black.

  1. Jewelry

The jewelry are huge but not necessary expensive; type “make yourself” – from hanging threads, knitted flowers, beads and lace. Appreciated are the uniqueness and underlining of the personal style. Fashionable are cocktail rings and large earrings. The earrings are long and hanging, reaching the shoulders and acting as hair decorations.

  1. Invisible bags

The bag merges with the clothing – from the same color or even the same fabric – if you custom make your suit/dress. There is democracy in the shapes and sizes – still fashionable will be the large square handbags or small envelope-type bags.


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