Winter street style: Colorful pants

Image: © Andrey Kiselev / Fotolia

The colorful pants enter the spring trends again, which is a fact that we enjoy very much. But that does not mean that we can not wear them and right now!

In spite of the gloomy and gray weather outside we are thinking of colors and our minds are totally controlled by the floral prints, colorful prints and patterns. There are so many beautiful colors around us. Usually in the winter we all wear dark and dull colors such as gray, black and brown. I am so happy when in the street shows up a lady dressed in something colorful like a purple coat or green pants for example. There is no need to wear only dark colors in the winter. The colorful clothes better our mood and make us smile.

This winter is going to be very colorful.

Image: © Amelia Fox / Fotolia

In our closet the colors overrule all of the clothing, especially the pants, studded with beautiful fresh prints.

This great trend is very popular. Let’s look at this hot trend which promises great mood and a different vision.

Add appropriate accessories and a single-colored top or a blouse to balance the colorful presence of your pants.

Select matching accessories – shoes and a handbag in one color – not necessarily black, but a suitable color. A plain top or shirt are very suitable for the spotted pants.

Be inspired by our fashion heroines today and accept fashion challenges, they are just right for you!

Famous ladies like Miranda Kerr, Minka Kelly, Beyoncé and Jessica Alba are fans of this trend.

If you are brave enough, you can try a combination of large colorful prints with other small ones. Unusual combination, which is sure to attract attention!

There are just a few days until the end of winter and it may seem very bright and fun, if only we make it so.


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