Which fashion tendencies can harm us

Wire bras

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There are many women who complain that their bra causes chronic pain, especially in the area of ​​the arms where the wire goes through the lymph node location. However, almost all the ladies like the effect of lifted breasts which is due to the underwear. The best option if you want to escape from the pain is to take turns of wire bras and soft and comfortable sport bras.

Sports shoes

So many sports companies deceive that shoes with soles with some cameras may have a tonic effect on the feet and legs. These statements are often incorrect, and for women who are used to the classic 5-6 cm heels, the continuous walking with sports shoes can be a real challenge. Ladies, if you have this problem – leave the sneakers for the gym!

High heels

High-heeled shoes cause many problems and pain in the shank, knees, ankles, feet and even can affect the spine. Experts say that more than 3 cm heels pose a health hazard to us! What about the 10 – centimeter shoes that are a favorite accessory for women, especially for special occasions!

Flat shoes

In recent years, very fashionable are shoes with completely flat soles or the so-called “Ballet shoes.” However, they are extremely suitable for ladies who have flat feet (flat-footed), and many women complain that their feet are not properly protected with these shoes, a fact which leads to various injuries during walking.

Using one and the same bag

If you carry your favorite handbag for a long time, no matter how favorite it is, it can cause chronic pain in the field of the arm, back, neck and shoulder. If you have similar complaints better change your bags often, it would be better if you give yourselves a few days rest from wearing any bags (in the weekend for example).

Long-handled bag

Even if the bag has a clever design and fit your shoulder it can still cause discomfort because the strap is on one shoulder only. We are all a habit creatures. Something repetition can cause asymmetric distribution of burden which causes pain.

Big bags

Have you ever weighed your handbag? You’ll be surprised if you do it. Many ladies have the habit of buying big bags and then stuff in them unnecessary items, then they complain they are too heavy. If you suffer from your big heavy bag – put it on a diet. Take out all the unnecessary bottled water, mirrors, diaries, children’s toys etc.

Small bags

Even the smallest women’s purse can be a challenge if its handles are too narrow and hurt the fingers. At a certain moment we would like it thrown out! The smarter option is to use such bags for a short period of time and not to count on them in the everyday life.

Tight jeans

We may look sexy in our tight jeans but if we work at the office all day we would not feel very comfortable in them. If they are not of an elastic fabric they will press us in the waist and will prevent the good blood flow.

Low-waist pants

This clothing is very unsuitable for work. The sight that could be seen if you have to bend over definitely is contrary to any work ethics. Let’s not say with such pants the waist and the child-bearing organs are posed to hazard and can start to hurt.


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