What to wear platform shoes with

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The modern woman should have several different pairs of shoes in order to be prepared for any occasion – formal, business and casual. But an absolute hit for the summer are the platform shoes.

They are the best alternative of the high heels that quickly tire the feet even for the ladies that are used to the wearing of high heels. The shoes and sandals with platforms have both the role of the high heels and a much more comfortable sole. So they are very comfortable to wear.

The platform shoes were very fashionable in the thirties of the last century, but flourished their popularity back in the seventies. The eighties strengthened their popularity.

The platform shoes make you visually taller. The height of the platform varies from three to twelve inches, but there are and even higher models.




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Besides being practical, these shoes are beautiful and have a pretty modern look. These types of shoes are perfect to wear with short skirts and dresses, but also with shorts, as they visually make your legs more slender and elongated.

The platform shoes can be combined with casual and sporty-elegant clothes, but also with business wear, excluding, of course, overly formal suits.

Moreover, platform shoes are perfectly combined with an evening dress. When going to the beach, choose platform sandals because you will look taller and thinner thanks to them.

Long dresses and skirts combine very well with shoes, sandals, platforms, especially if the outfit is made of thin translucent tissue.

The platforms are an ideal addition to pants, skirts-pants, jeans widening at the bottom, as well as wide jeans and pants.

The platform shoes and sandals should not be worn with straight and also very tight skirts, with tight dresses or stretchy pants. Combined with such clothes, the platform shoes make the body visually bigger and more cumbersome.



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