What to wear for…the office, party, special occasions

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Every real woman should know that there is nothing as nightmarish as an inappropriate for certain occasion clothing. Here we offer you some advices on how to improve your appearance for work, a party or special occasions.

How to choose appropriate clothing for the office

Whether you should have strict business clothing – shirt, knee-length skirt or trousers and sweater/jacket/vest in black, gray, dark blue – or you can be more freely dressed depends on the field of the company’s activity and the rules, imposed by your boss.

If your business clothing is not mandatory then your task can get complicated. You can be more sports and elegant or feminine with elegant dresses but at all times avoid:

  • Blouses with deep necklines.
  • Too short skirts. (The normal length of the skirt is to the knee.)
  • Extravagant clothing. You can underline your personal taste with a small detail or a more interesting print but don’t put too much stress on your clothing with too exotic colors and shiny jewelry.

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What is appropriate to dress for a party

The right answer is – it depends on the party. If it’s corporate and formal, we advise you to be more elegant than experimental. If you are going out with the girls to a bar you can choose whatever you want. Shorter skirts, see-through elements, bare-shoulder tops – choose clothes that will make you feel sexy and will be comfortable for dancing.

What to dress for special occasions

It depends once again on the special occasion but as a whole choose a variety of the classic little black dress with the appropriate accessories and you will not be mistaken.



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