What to combine the denim shirt with?

The denim shirt is an all time classic in the clothing. It is light and comfortable and at the same time stylish and elegant. There are all kinds of models of denim shirts both for men and for women. The colors vary from the classic blue to bright and colorful options and even models with different prints on the fabric. When properly combined with the rest of your clothing the denim shirt can make your appearance truly unique.

  1. With a cardigan

The combination of denim shirt with a cardigan is highly relevant, especially during the colder months. Simple but highly effective combination that allows us to carry denim shirts when the weather is not very favorable! You can pair the shirt with jeans in vivid colors. Add fresh accessories, such as a braid or colorful bracelets and your fresh look is guaranteed.







Image: © Porechenskaya / Fotolia

  1. With jeans.

The denim shirt is well combined with every type of jeans. You can experiment with the colors and models according to your taste – the result is always fresh! If you choose a darker denim shirt, use aggressive accessories like a leather handbag, metal accessories in black or colorful sneakers. This way your “feminine” expression will turn into a “diva” one and you will be “brave” into the eyes of the other people.

  1. With shorts.

During the warmer months the shorts are required. And if you combine them with a denim shirt (it is optional the shorts to be denim) you will acquire the fashion appearance millions dream of.

The truth about how your vision to be effective lies in the accessories. Caps, buttons, pendants, ribbons that can complement your vision are more than welcome. Bet on hair accessories and tie your hair into a spectacular tail.

These are just some of the fashion combinations you can experiment with. Remember to use your imagination and have fun while choosing your outfit!


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