What does our handbag say about us

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The way we carry it and its type say a lot


Maybe it will sound strange, but the way you carry your handbag, and the type of the bag itself, talk a lot about your character.

The clothes and accessories are part of our presentation to the world and assist the body language.


Elegant handbag carried by hand


The arm is folded at the elbow and the bag is hanging on it. This gives an appearance of power and confidence. Exactly this is the favorite way for carrying a bag of various celebrities from the world of show business.


Several bags at once


Handbag, a bag for documents or laptop, additional plastic or paper bag with various belongings in it and a hurried gait. All this clearly indicates that your daily life is busy, you have many things to do for a little time and you are under stress. Try to reduce all the handbags and bags, which are in your hands, start to walk more slowly, with head and shoulders up and do not allow the tension destroy your femininity.


Cross body bag


They are on long handles, which pass through the chest. This type is definitely more sporty, allowing the arms to move freely, but speaks of a slight shyness on the part of the woman. Also these types of bags are much more typical of young girls.


Bag with long handle


They are similar to those across the chest, but smaller in volume and are worn on the shoulder. The bag is low down to the level of the fingers of the hand. The ladies who carry their bags in this manner suffer from a slight lack of confidence and are timid.


Clutch bag


They are difficult to carry, for the obvious reason that they have no handles. They obligatory occupy one of your hands, or you can squeeze them under your arm, but again are not particularly comfortable. More often preferred for cocktails and parties but when used in the everyday life they issue that their owner just does not know what other handbag would suit her style and body.


Large bag with short handle


They are filled with whatnot and their owners carry them on a short handle, clenched in the hand. This indicates that the woman is busy and does not like to waste her time and is more interested in where she is headed and what she has to do, and does not give much of a matter how she looks.


Shoulder bag


They are worn with a tight pressed hand to them, which issues fear of theft. The woman wants to make sure that the bag is secured and someone can not just dig into it or take it from her hands. These types of women are firmly on the ground and remember the advice that their mothers have given them – to be cautious and careful on the streets.


Lack of handbag


The woman carries only a big wallet or the handbag at all is missing from her vision. It may be left in the car or even her partner to carry it. The message is clear – “I am absolutely independent and want to look amazing!” `

Whatever handbag you choose, the first and most important rule is that it must be convenient, to collect everything you want to fit in it and to match your outfit!

Women have always had a weakness for shoes and bags, whether they are a clutch and heels or sneakers and a backpack. Do not be afraid to experiment with your appearance and do not limit yourself to one style.


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