What do men think about women’s clothing?

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Do you often consult with your beloved when you buy clothes? Do you know which garment men consider as seductive and which frankly scares them? The English as the main lovers of sociological surveys decide quickly the issue with a study that shows us what men consider as tempting and what directly irritates them in the female wardrobe.

Men do not like large, shapeless pants, because they believe that those pants hideously deform the female proportions. At the same time they do not approve and the tight wedge pants because they unnecessarily expose more than necessary. Men do not like a woman in a jumpsuit, because she looks like a worker, not a woman. They also do not approve and excessive decoration with fringe, ruffles and tassels. Again for the same reason: the woman turns into a piece of the furniture and stops being a woman. Men do not approve and a woman in male business suit. Guess why?


Our gentlemen do not like when we cover our heads with towels and those huge sunglasses in the shape of butterfly wings, without which we can not survive a single summer.


The man does not like large “grunge” dresses that misshapen the body of their girlfriends, “Why do they dress up like pregnant at the first date, I do not really understand.” – says Benjamin.


“I hate a woman in rubber boots. The shoes of women should emphasize the beautiful legs and not to deform them with prints of skulls and various other fabrications. “- is the opinion of Greg.


“I do not understand why pretty girls should wear Military style. Instead of looking attractive, I feel like I am on a date with Fidel Castro. “- says Don.


“I do not love women with too strict office vision. I do not like and those who wear transparent tight clothing and shoes on sharp long currents. They look like strippers. I do not like girls with bedraggled shirts and jeans, they look like football players. Is it so hard the woman simply to look like herself? “- asks Steve.


Well, what do men like, again according to the British research?

Of course all people are different and sometimes their opinions are absolutely opposite: some like girls with short skirts and high heels, while others skirt to the knee and average current, but there are things in common. Common is that men expect from the women to look like a female creature – not unisex, not business and not vulgar or infantile. Men like the women’s clothing to emphasize the femininity and sweetness in the woman. Men believe that the attention should be drawn to the forms and that they are stressed but not arrogantly to intrude. Very sexy seems to them to show some bare skin but the revealed nudity is a shocking sight, claim the British. A well-shaped neckline or bare hands are more than enough in order to excite men. They love backless dresses and shirts with a few buttons unbuttoned. They like when the garment accentuates the female waist.


“I like clothes in subdued rather than bright colors. Also I like girls in bedraggled shirts with opened waist, it’s so casual and playful. I like ladies in tightened coat and a French hat. “- Andrew.


“I love girls dressed with imagination. I am a bit startled of those with clothes from the latest collections, who smell of money. They make me insecure. But the combination of an expensive item and casual jeans immediately evokes my interest. “- Claudio.


“I like what and all the other men: evening dresses, high heels, less cosmetics. All women wear jeans and the dresses suit them so much more “- Sam.


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