Underwear according to the dress

Image:© Fotoskat/Fotolia

You bought a great new dress but when you put it on, you realize that something is not as it should be… Do not think underwear is not important. The wrong choice of underwear can ruin your vision. To make the best choice take in consideration some matters:

– If the dress has a big neckline choose a bra with lifting and pressing the breasts towards one another effect. This way the big neckline will look better even if you do not have large breasts;

– Bare back dress – for years on the market there are bras with a silicone back but do not use them. The silicone back is very “cheap”, especially if it is about an evening dress, formal. The better choice is a bra of elastic, silicone fabric only on the breasts, with no back and straps. Attention – this bra is appropriate for small to medium breasts. Ladies with bigger breasts should think about another option – no back bra or cups sewn to the dress if the dress’ fabric allows it.

– Elastic dress tight to the body from fine fabric – forget laces and decorations on the bra. For this dress ideal are the plain bras “invisible” under the dress and not leaving imprints.

– See-through, fine dress – the underwear should be as close to the color of the skin as possible. Plain underwear is the best possible option once again.

– Strapless dress – the best option is the strapless bra which should cover all of the breasts so there is no danger of sliding.

– Bare-shouldered dress – in this case you need a bra which straps are detachable and allow various crossings depending on the peculiarities of the dress.


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