The tunic – always in fashion


There is a piece of clothing which dates back to ancient times. This clothing showed the hierarchy in the social ladder of its owner, it spoke for the age and his financial position.

And until now this clothing is up-to-date and worn with style by the modern people….but as many other things, it is taken from men in favor of the female wardrobe.

This clothing is namely the tunic. It is appropriate for every season and it is a perfect alternative of the dresses, aiming to diversify our wardrobe.

In the winter, the tunic is exceptionally practical because it covers the back from the cold, it is warm and is very stylish and feminine in combination with other parts of the wear.

The tunic can be worn with stretch pants or jeans, a thick pantyhose …here are at least three options for the everyday wear thanks to the tunic. The combination of colors is also unlimited – from the contrast combination of black and white, to the effective combination of several shades of one color – the color game is very useful for maintaining the sunny mood during the dark winter days.

Wear the tunic with high boots, low shoes, sneakers or rough, sports shoes – you can do everything in your everyday life. The tunic is equally appropriate for a picnic out in the open as well as a business lunch or meeting. It is perfectly combined with a short sports jacket, raincoat or fluffy coat.

For more formal occasions the tunic is ready to come to the rescue. Combine it with appropriate pants or stretch pants, freshen it with effective accessories – belt, pin, effective collar, bracelets on the sleeves… there are many options.

If you still have not provided your wardrobe with at least one tunic do not waste your time. See the online shops – I’m sure your tunic is somewhere out there.



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