Trends in the women’s fashion for Autumn / Winter 2016-2017

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The fashion weeks have passed and the tendencies for the upcoming winter season are already clear. During The Fashion weeks in Milan, Paris and New York, the lovers of fashion outfits saw and touched the upcoming trends for Autumn / Winter 2016-2017. We chose those that can be applied in the everyday style of any lady and can easily be combined with the clothes in the closet.

See the fashion trends in women’s fashion and find yourself in them:

  1. Layering

A trend that in the recent seasons increasingly enters the style of the ladies. The term means the accumulation of clothes one over the other. This trend is dangerous because it is very important what on what to wear in order to look good, not funny.

  1. Pleats

One of the top trends for the winter season. The medium length pleated skirts are a hit in the fashion world. The fashion houses that bet on the pleats are Gucci, Fendi, Salvatore Ferragamo, Jil Sander and others.

  1. Velvet

The velvet is an expressive texture, soft to the touch and beautiful to watch. For the winter season the dictators offer velvet with an addition of embroidery and details that supplement it. Mostly encountered are velvet dresses, coats or pants.

  1. Suede, leather and fur

The suede is in vogue since 2015, but we have to say that it still is ever so relevant. The leather never goes out of fashion, but this winter it is a top trend and the fur is fashionable, as long as it is artificial. The suede takes us back in time, and the leather can be seen not only in the coats, but now and in the dresses, pants and tops. The fur this season is colorful and tinted in different shades.

  1. Embroidery and lace

Already in the tendencies of the last season there was a hint of these two important trends that emphasize the femininity. This season bet on a lace dress with a turtleneck or a garment rich in embroidery.

  1. Super long coats

This winter the coats can be made from many different materials – leather, fur, wool and others, but necessarily, they should be long. The trend promises to be a hit, especially in places where the climate is colder. Particularly interesting are the coats enriched with embroidery.

  1. Asymmetric shoulders or bare shoulders

Both variations of the open shoulders occur in the tops, blouses and shirts this fall. Right from the warm season, this trend is moving to the cold one and even though the lines of the tops and dresses to remain bare, the designers promise absolute furore with the open shoulders.

  1. Clothing with textual prints

This trend is current for several years and during this season also ranks in the list of tendencies which are worth a bet. Blouses and tops with wise thoughts or quotes are not only fashionable but also comfortable, as they are observed in sports-elegant sweaters or tops.

  1. Biker jackets

Biker jackets have become classics in the recent years. Every lady in her wardrobe has a leather jacket, which can be combined with a dress or jeans – a universal garment. This season dominate the jackets with decorations – caps and pearls.

  1. Oversize clothing

The oversize clothes this season are a hit – they are extremely comfortable because of their loose design. The oversize trends for winter 2017 include all types of clothing – jackets, dresses, sweaters, but also trousers.


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