These clothes. Forever!


With the new season a new topic comes to life. The classic clothes which are always fashionable are again on the catwalks.
They are always up-to-date, their origin goes back with ages. They change but they are the same in their core. And probably they will never leave our wardrobes. And I should of course start with the little black dress. It is an expression causing fascination when mentioned. 
Its story dates back to 1926. It is “established” by Coco Chanel as if it is normal. Still the lady has changed the fashion world. “Coco Chanel created it for the widows of World War I. These women wanted to express their hopes for the future”, says Grit Seymour, lecturer in fashion design at The Berlin University of Arts.
Today the dress has many variations. Designers recreated it so many times that nobody remembers how it first looked. But, as Micha Prada says, it’s hard to believe how much work is done on one project and finally the result is just a black dress.
One of its best sides is that it is a solution for every occasion. With the appropriate shoes and accessories it can be worn at the office, to a cocktail, even for a walk in the part. A classical dress for many purposes.


But it is not the only clothing that generations like and wear. The white shirt is the other tendency known very well.
Initially it was preferred as an office wear because it is stylish and comfortable. When in 1998 Sharon Stone appears to the Oscars in a skirt and deeply unbuttoned white shirt everybody sees this classical shirt in another way.
And it, as the little black dress is appropriate for every occasion. On the rest of the clothes, accessories and shoes depend whether we will wear it to a party or work. Take it as a blank piece of paper which waits to be completed. Let’s not forget that everything suits black and white, especially when combined with good taste.

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Let’s continue with the good old raincoat which can also be called and trench coat. Its father is the English Thomas Burberry.
During the World War I he makes the uniforms for the Royal Air Force. An integral part of them is the coat which later turns into not only a symbol of war but also the label.
Today the trench coat is among the most favorite coats of the ladies because it suits pants, dresses, skirts and jeans. The basic line producing everyday clothing is Thomas Burberry, the classical – Burberry London and the most fashionable line is Burberry Prorsum.


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There is no way we can skip the favorite jeans for all genders and generations. A garnishment that will never go out of the section “preferred”.
Baggy, tight, long, short, blue, black, white – the choice is yours. They are among the classical clothing appropriate for every occasion.
During the “golden rush” in XIX century the Bavarian Levi Strauss takes off to the USA to earn money sewing clothes for the gold diggers made of rough fabric for tents.
In fact the blue jeans appeared because there was no more tent fabric. The new one was brought from the French city of Nimes. The name De Nimes gives the name of what we call them today “denim”.
When wearing jeans, fell free to experiment. Create a classical vision by adding a coat or “break” your style by putting on short jeans shorts with a t-shirt and suspenders for example.




The last classical clothing I will mention in this article is the “pencil” type skirt. It is medium-length, exceptionally elegant and stylish. Together with that, the skirt is extremely sexy. Not a man or two have scenarios in their heads for secretaries in such skirts.
It is no surprise. This clothing has a unique ability to underline even more the beautiful physique, and also the not so perfect – to make it look good. It is appropriate mostly for the office, it fits well for official meetings, events or whatever occasions where you need to impress somebody. For as corny as it sounds, with such an outfit you will manage to do this for sure.
I told you about five eternal clothes that will never go out of style. They will never do because they reached first the designation of the clothing – women are prettier and the price is convenient. So it is better to listen to the fashion icon Victoria Beckham who advises: “Invest your money into the ever-up-to-date classic”.


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