The prom dress after the prom

Image: © Sandra Kemppainen / Fotolia

Once the hysteria around the proms gradually subsides, raise some interesting questions such as: what will happen to our graduation dress? Yes, the prom dress, which we searched for long time and we have chosen with such excitement that made ​​us feel not only beautiful, but as a real princess. On the other hand, the same dress that brings so many emotions you will put on only for a single night. Evening, which flies away in a moment … maybe it is still possible to find application for your graduation gown and after prom?

One option is if you want to approach practically and to get the most from your prom dress, to go a tailor and have your dress altered. The choice is entirely yours: you can turn it into a sleek and stylish evening dress or a dress to wear to parties, and depending on the model of the dress – you can achieve and even more universal applications. And all you need is imagination and a good tailor.

If your selection for the prom is a short dress, then this is an option in which with a little alteration you can get a great sexy dress for the night parties that you will have after the prom night.

In the prom dresses, which are of two parts – a corset and skirt – the corset might come in handy in your outfits. Depending on the type and model you can achieve interesting combinations: you can combine the corset with formal pants or a straight skirt to the knees, another option that is so fashionable, is the combination of a shirt and a corset. To achieve a really good effect carefully combine the fabrics.

If you have chosen a dress following classic lines and style, in an elegant and feminine style without unnecessary frippery, you can keep the dress in its original form. Such dress is always appropriate for formal dinners or cocktails; you can put it on at a wedding or another official occasion.

We reached the favorite of the majority of graduates’ princess dresses. Yes, such a dress can really make you feel like a real princess, but it definitely would not find a use after your prom. Of course, the decision to be impractical in your prom night is fully justified and if it is the dress for which you are dreaming, then it’s worth it. On the other hand, such a dress can be put on for example at one of the kids parties, at which you will be a beautiful fairy princess or at a masked ball: -). Why not?


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